More and more of our education customers are opting to go for the Microsoft Surface range of tablet computers.

The surface Go especially makes a great teacher laptop. Portable and light, it does everything a teacher needs.

One thing some people complain about is the lack of connectivity options, it won’t connect to a second screen as there is no VGA or HDMI output. To remedy this you need a docking station.

There are 2 available that we recommend, the full featured MS dock with ethernet, USB and 2 mini displayports, and the travel dock which has a USB-C connector as opposed to the Surface connector and has ethernet, HDMI and VGA outputs along with USB.

Both do a similar job, but as the name suggests, the travel is smaller and lighter and goes well with the GO.

Both can be purchase from Amazon, and the travel is the cheapest of the 2 by some margin, and so would be the one we would suggest for the GO